Spring Day

First lizard-sighting this season

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Yesterday was gorgeous, bringing shirtsleeve weather and encouraging lots of folks outdoors. My story on that day was a continuation. I was out with a chainsaw and going after low-hanging tree limbs. Particularly a large juniper close to the busy road that fronts my horses’ dry lot. The tree is large and healthy but long has been a problem. When I’m turning from the road onto my property, I hear low hanging limbs brushing my vehicle’s top. In winter, snows make the limbs heavier, nearly touching the ground and blocking my pathway. It was time yesterday to prune that tree.

I did so sorrowfully, for the most offensive low limbs were healthy, heavy and very green. Cutting them felt like committing murder. After falling a limb, it became huge work to lop, saw, load, and haul away debris. After the fact, I had to become accustomed to more sunlight through upper limbs. I’ll learn to like that.

Meanwhile, the roadway sported more traffic than vehicles. People were out and simply enjoying a warm day. Motorcycles roared past, bicyclists swept along alone or in groups, joggers gave me nods, and folks out strolling or walking their dogs said hello. To my surprise, right there at the roadside I pleasantly conversed with several neighborhood acquaintances.

A friend who stopped, an avid library-user and enthusiastic about its online system, encouraged a decision to find my library card. I always purchase newspaper subscriptions and books from online sellers, but actually, the newspapers, magazines, and books that interest me are available for free online. My project today will be an online look into library offerings.

A passing woman walking her dog, a cute Border Collie mix, reminded me that several years ago I helped her corral that dog–a recent rescue who had escaped her yard. I couldn’t recall that incident but remembered his interesting name, “Declan”. Her name also is interesting, Dina–close to my own and that of a close friend’s daughter, and so, easy to remember.

She reminded me that we had captured her dog by herding the active fellow into my barn and leashing him. Well, my brain had to justify its emptiness, and did I suppose, by my having rescued many dogs usually attracted to my own dogs. Most strays have had owners actively searching for them. The one that went ignored, a puppy, stayed and became my Ranger. Anyway, I digress.

I’ve described being acquainted with more of this neighborhood’s residents from being out and about with animals. Animals are friend magnets–dogs for sure, and also, the less-seen-close-up animals, like my equines and pigmy goats. Those neighborhood friends, pausing yesterday, were welcome respites from that chain-sawing. And we respected the protocol of appropriately distancing from one another.

Dear Friends: Our broken and confused routines bring new freedoms and adventures. Diana

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