Trees, Dirt, Horses

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Yesterday, I finished trimming that tree-by-the-road which let me interact with neighbors who were out walking. The tree’s lower limbs (removed before the photo was taken) had been heavy toward the ground. They were fat and made my long-pole trimming tool work. Once fallen and needing cutting, the logs challenged my smallish chain saw. Trimming that tree took hours, and now those limbs can’t annoy by brushing against vehicle tops or interfering with someone walking.

With that aside, I began creating a garden. I augmented the soils in some existing, long-ignored raised beds and today will set bulbs. It’s a surprising mitzvah, that before quitting nearly all shopping I bought packages of flowering bulbs, designed for spring-planting in this region. Most summers, I get too busy with horses to tend a garden and would ignore such bulbs. While at the moment of purchase my bulb impulse felt whimsical, it since seems a visional purchase.

After adding soil amendments and re-learning from ebay how to start my rototiller, I rolled that machine onto the raised beds and guided it in digging back and forth. I worried about the tiny critters perhaps housed in that soil, like bitty frogs and lizards. But one does as one must. For the coming months of hanging around the house, pretty flowers will be a welcome sight.

Today, I’ll trim another of the many waiting trees, and also, practice ways of mounting and dismounting a horse that minimize joint pain. Being forced to stay home becomes a sort of no-guilt trip. By emphasizing everything local, it encourages a refocus toward set-aside dreams of doing.

Dear Friends: In this beautiful springtime, lounges in the sun’s warmth beckon. Diana

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