Journal Jar

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

CV isolation: Day 28

One of the notes yesterday in my “glad jar” was about receiving an email from a casual friend who lives nearby. She has created masks and is offering them to neighborhood folks. She describes the masks as made to a hospital pattern but not highly preventive. They do have a pocket into which protective media could be inserted. Well, I’ve noticed that she pays intense attention to details and accuracy, which suggests the masks are doggone good. Today, I’ll pick up one, a good motivation for taking a walk with my goats.

It’s occured to me, there’s a product on hand that might inhibit germ-spreading. In the process of cleaning a fish tank and about to change its filter, I looked closely at the dense fiber rectangle. It’s like HEPA filtration, maybe it’s the same fabric. Supposedly, HEPA filters are as effective as N95 masks. When next I venture out, my mask will include aquarium filtration. In these times of material shortages, any sort of mask seems better than none at all, and the same for insertions.

Venturing out is a big topic. I don’t need anything in particular, just want to browse through places, like Michael’s, JoAnne, and Home Depot. I’d look for new products and hope to come up with creative ideas. About my aquariums, one got hit weeks ago by a fish disease that wiped out all but one big fella. The tank is disinfected, the surviving fish seems okay but needs buddies. I want to find new fishes, but like most other public places, aquarium suppliers are off limits.

Hearing ideas about ways that populations might return to normal activities doesn’t reassure that a transition plan will be easy and safe. But even semi-isolated, we continue to consume products and this requires viable manufacturing and commerce. We’re aware of power-grabbing attempts and associated squabbling among our leaders that obscure any sensible-sounding ideas for moving forward. Before all’s done, we might be wearing two more masks: one to cover our ears and another for our eyes.

Dear Friends: That “glad jar” really helps us stayed tuned to what’s nice in a day. Diana

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