Jarred Along

Thursday, April 16, 2020 CoronaVirus Day #29

Yesterday evening my “glad jar” held several notes. I wondered which might have made me most glad. Maybe it was having received a couple of well-sewn face masks from Laura, a neighbor who’s volunteering effort to prevent disease spreading. She sews masks to a design recommended by our main hospital. Her creativity has included easy-closure strings that ease a user’s tying and securing the mask. She offers some masks to neighbors and donates the rest to the hospital.

Her efforts, good masks and generosity, made me feel most glad.

There were other bright moments–like walking the several blocks to Laura’s with my twin goats in tow. Breeze and Poppy have become more confident and bold on their leashes. Walking with them means experiencing some of the world through their alert eyes and ears. A herd of does we came across spotted the goats and popped to high attention–and vice-versa, with the goats their mirror image. Each beast stood frozen, on full alert, except for me, trying to move us quietly past that spot.

Other things happen that evoke different feelings are worthy, too, of noting in an “unglad jar”.

For example, my neck got a sting! In all my years of living here, I’ve never been bothered by an insert, not a bee, wasp, or mosquito. A day ago at a tiny sting, I raised my hand and brushed off a bitty dark insert, maybe a mosquito? Shortly later, the sting site swelled, became itchy, and continues to attract my fingers. Now, having to avoid touching my face also means avoiding my neck. That sting, definitely an unglad.

I used to be a student of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s musings on “the law of compensation”. He thought that each happening, good or bad, opens the way for a follow-on occurrence with the opposite effect. That idea keeps me trying to avoid becoming highly excited or very saddened over events, but controlling feelings isn’t easy. Anyway, various events do cause opposing responses, and noting them rates another jar.

I’ll begin searching for a second empty Mason Jar.

Dear Readers: This long lockdown teaches us much about ourselves. Diana

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