Wild tiny phlox emerging

Friday, April 17, 2020

Corv-19, Lockdown Day #30

One of my jars had a single note, a “glad”, from yesterday. At midday I was spreading hay for the horses when my dogs launched into their worst chorus–loud and aggressive. The other animals and I recognize that they’re usually heralding an intrusion, maybe deer, a stray dog, people passing on the street or (most awful) approaching the house.

I looked up to see a white vehicle pausing on the hilltop beside my house. Before I could get away from the horses, that car continued downhill toward the dry lot. Now, I saw a Cadillac–funny enough, for far as I know, no Cadillac ever has entered my property. But I knew that one, belonging to my neighbor, John, from across the street. His Cad stopped at the dry lot (I should have taken a photo!). John was bringing a bag of carrots for the horses and stepped out to talk. For a few glad minutes we caught up with one another.

This first month of social distancing has kept us close to our individual little baliwicks. It prevents the serendipitous meetings and small talk we used to enjoy. At least, my next-door neighbors exercise their dogs on the next-door pasture, they holler over and wave hello. These days, that’s a big deal. But across the street, John and his wife Patti have disappeared behind their fences. I was touched and pleased that he stopped by, thinking about my horses which he loves, and to say hello.

Well, one glad is a biggie, and maybe fortunately, the day didn’t have unglads. I stayed busy (Okay, I’m still cutting tree limbs!) and the hours passed. Maybe it’s that just okay isn’t enough, a little variety is nice even if some seems less welcome.

Anyway, thanks to John for giving a boost that day. As I begin today, I’ll focus on trying to build in variety.

BTW, see how beautifully those teeny pink phlox can cover ground if allowed to thrive and spread.

Dear Friends: Day 30 may only be a start in our learning ways to adjust. Diana

2 thoughts on “Changing

  1. Hi, Diana. I am on antibiotics for a UTI and may be up for a ride with you next week? Stay well and I will hope to see you soon. 😊❤️🙋‍♀️

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  2. Love the phlox! The deer nibble at mine, so it doesn’t grow much. As for your pups, I LOVE it when I hear them singing! It’s only of the neighborhood alternative communication systems!


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