Deciding Time?

Thursday, April 30, 2020, Corvid-19 Lockdown Day #43

There’s a huge push to re-open the American economy, assisted by the appearance of a drug that might ease coronavirus suffering. There’s lots to consider, and many are debating about whether it’s appropriate now for businesses to reopen and people to come together. I’m in the camp that says wait longer, but I haven’t much of a vote. My option is to decide what to do personally based on whatever seems right in my head.

We’ve all tried through the months of this pandemic, to make sense of the many frights, realities, and handlings of it. World leadership has proven a mess! Perhaps one of the most powerful illustrations of reality was that the hardliner Boris Johnson was stricken. His condition was severe enough to warrant emergency and ventilator care. After Johnson recovered, and now fully aware of corona’s impact, his position seemed to soften toward managing both the scientific and social needs in Great Britain.

I’m not sure what’ll become more right in my head. For one thing, it’ll make sense to keep staying home until the safety of reopening is proven. For another, staying in-home limits our activities, can be uber-boring, and continues to promote distancing from other humans. When businesses start to re-open, tomorrow in fact, we’ll remember the old ad’s words: “Should I stay or should I go?”

My decision may simply go on hold for another couple of weeks. I’m near finishing my chainsaw project of liming trees and now have huge and unwanted piles of brush and limbs. The city dump will be offering days of free yard debris dumping. I’ll be there often bringing trailer loads of discards. Not until mid-May will I seriously assess the odds of staying or going. Anyway, by that time, who knows what more we might know?

Dear Friends: Have a creative, enjoyable, and hopefully another, shirt-sleeve day. Diana

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