Swim On!

Friday, May 01, 2020, Corvid-19, partially-unlocked Day #01

It’s May and here we go! For weeks of mornings, many of the news bits arriving in my early emails have focused on the hardships and related impacts of a serious active pandemic. Now there’s changing news, it’ll begin addressing real-time impacts, socially and politically, of reopenings among American public places. I’ll choose to stay home and read all about the changes.

For me, aside from boredom this period of social isolation hasn’t been too uncomfortable. Kind neighbors have been willing to fill my list while they’re out shopping for themselves. I’ve learned to obtain online and painlessly much of what’s needed, to run my household, feed me and my pets, and handle outside efforts on the property. I’m more involved with this small acreage than ever in my years living here and do lots of outside work. If I were a gardner and creating fresh produce, that would close the biggest loophole, but my growings are at beginning stages.

I’m assuming that for most of us it’s been similar and a little lonely through this inconvenient but okay period. We’ve been forced to stay inside, to sit back and see differently the world and ourselves. I keep trying to assess the positives for myself. For example, I’m more aware of and sometimes surprised by my preferences in books and hobbies. I’m discovering stamina for physical work, more than I figured possible. I’ve found creative ways to interact with my large and small pets, and understand better their importance in my life. And I appreciate more how blogging daily challenges my thinking skills and how writing helps to keep friends in my life.

What will our oncoming new normal–nationally and internationally–look like? Will we carry forward and find time for newly-found personal activities? Will we remain on the alert for potentially-bad international situations, say beyond wars, like new viruses? Who can tell, who can tell?

Dear Friends: On this May Day, holding our noses and diving into tomorrow. Diana

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