Friday, May 08, 2020

Sometimes accidental shots turn out to be the best photos.

This season I’ll be on horseback instead of riding in a carriage or cart behind a horse. It’s a tough decision, not starting to drive again. The sport is fun and mine are wonderful carriage horses. I’ve experienced the see-saw, and mostly downward trend, of our economy, weighed it against the costs of having a horse in pulling condition. Since my horses must travel frequently on pavement, they need special horseshoes, with shock-absorbing pads, and all replaced regularly. Until the economy picks up with positive effects trickling to my level, I’ll choose to play less expensively.

My initial disappointment faded once I climbed into a saddle after years of riding only rarely. By now and several times, my horse has carried me through the local neighborhood. Riding again shows me another style of pleasure trip and lets me appreciate surroundings anew.

It helps to ride a trustworthy, unflappable horse that ignores vehicles passing or sudden loud sounds of construction work and airplane motors (we’re near the airport). My body is in tune to the horse’s energy, senses her attention to terrain and surroundings. Her memory is incredible. If once allowed to pause and chew on roadside gasses, she’ll remember the spot and I’ll feel her starting to move toward it when we’re nearby. Mostly she chooses to walk on the gravelly roadside instead of on pavement. Her regular hoofbeats put me into zen modes.

These days of semi-confinement cause many living in the area to go walking. The neighborhood loop where I’ve previously driven my horses and now ride has little traffic. It’s a popular area. Here, we’re approaching a lady who’s often out walking. When we catch up, she’ll slow down. We’ll walk alongside and chat with her.

My truck is about to become tied up for a string of days. It’s hitched to a large trailer, to haul brush and limbs to the dump. After all the needed disposing, I’ll hitch to the horse trailer, load up, and we’ll head off to public lands. There, I’ll ride one horse while ponying another. Our loyal donkey will follow loosely. The four dogs will run alongside. Those dogs! Out again on horse trails, beyond delighted!

Dear Friends: The ongoing, dipped economy forces us to adjust and simplify. Diana

2 thoughts on “Riding

  1. Where do you ride when you have your whole entourage? I know Tumalo has been one of your favorite spots. Where else? I am finding that I can enjoy shortish rides if I can get out fairly early before gravity takes over. Don’t know how Ducky would do with that many dogs and a loose burro but I am willing to try. If we parked off Rickard Road where you drove Sunni, the dogs and Pimmy would be safe. Ideas?

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  2. We ride many places, some that you’ve generously shown us. I’ll tell you more places after being out and around again. BTW, to remind you, we’ve ridden together on trails before, accompanied by our seven (or eight?) dogs. It’s no problem to leave home occasionally my other equines. I’m aware that these days you’re challenged physically. I keep my horse mostly walking to avoid lower back strains. So, let’s make a plan!


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