Endless Challenges

Western Junipers

Saturday, May 09, 2020

This is the first of a series of no-charge dumping days at the local trash site. For days, I’ll load piles of trimmed branches and greenery and haul to the landfill. To visualize my waiting piles, imagine the trash after six weeks of chainsaw work on trees. Half of my small acreage is covered in trees, mostly junipers, previously untouched for years.

This trimming began like a simple project. My kitchen window focuses my attention on a couple of tall trees. They’d been too-close together with tangled branches, and had half-sawn limbs from a previous owner’s clean-up. Those tangles and shortened limbs bothered me and I vowed to get rid of them someday. Viola! Corovid-19 and stay-at-home, I’m laid-off from work, and now, it’s time to wield a chainsaw.

Cleaning trees turned into a large process. My window hadn’t revealed that most other junipers, too, had dead limbs and tangles. I learned that improving sections of trees is like painting the inside of a house. One area that suddenly looks better highlights the neediness of another–or regarding my trees, all others. From then on, every afternoon, with chainsaws–one for reaching high and another for cutting low, I stayed busy. The discards grew into another challenge that required attention. Fortunately, my trimming frenzy ended in time to take advantage of the Landfill’s free spring clean-up days.

This morning, I’d feel more confident about dumping if it hadn’t been years since my big trailer last saw action. I’ve tested its hydraulics which seem to work, and am crossing fingers that at the site the bucket will lift and lower. My truck last summer hauled horses weekly back and forth over the Cascades, but it’s sat unused throughout winter. Years ago when I hauled frequently to the dump, I’ve had the trailer get stuck straight-up and refuse to lower. I’ve had the truck motor fail to start so I could leave the dump. Those times meant calling for a mobile repairman and waiting while blocking other dumpers until finally help arrived.

These days with nearly everybody stuck at home, we’re all probably cleaning properties. The lines for dumping will be long–and now, I’m on my way, too.

Dear Friends: Please keep a good thought for my being speedy and all going well. Diana

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