A Careless Instant

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Today is another that’ll have me loading and dumping. It’s also Mother’s Day, a holiday I’ve not celebrated since my mom passed years ago, but the timing suggests that today dumpers might be a sparse group.

Yesterday all went well at the city landfill. Both my truck and trailer behaved. A problem occurred though and it was my fault. On first arriving, a guide flagged me toward a complicated space. After swinging my rig into position, the truck’s rear view mirrors didn’t show clearly how to back correctly into an open position between other rigs. When a young site worker offered to back my rig, I accepted gratefully. As he climbed into my truck I zeroed-in, that he was without gloves, had a mask hanging under his chin. He accurately backed the rig, easing my next steps, but I’d let my truck be exposed to possible contamination. And then, couldn’t find my hand sanitizer.

These days at home, we’ve learned steps for personal safety from television and computers. We’re alert to self-isolating guidelines, go into public infrequently, and at the grocery wear mask and gloves. Yesterday I learned that performing an unusual activity blocked my alertness to Corvid-19. At the dump site there were signs that reminded people to stay at least six feet apart. And yet, I let an unprotected stranger into my personal space.

He’s probably no disease spreader, but that situation taught me a lesson. My impulsive acceptance of help and afterwards doubts, were painful reminders to maintain a rigid vigilance during this active disease period.

On my next trip there and successfully backing the truck and trailer, I vowed to do my own driving always.

Dear Friends: As opportunities open to be among others, remember to practice safety. Diana

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