Changing Times

Friday, May 15, 2020

I don’t mind the self-isolating process as a slight loner anyway. What’s awful is ongoing coronavirus news consuming most other news. Certainly, the public needs to learn about the disease, know ways to avoid and not spread it, and how to stay safe. That’s okay, but our journalistic processes turn every scrap of information about the disease into political drama and commentaries.

Lots of people dislike the current President, and the single competitor for his office over another four years is generally out of sight. So in the prominent social situation, our daily newscasters dish out pandemic and politics, making of the disease a massive competition between the President and our health and scientific communities.

I’m tired of it and will turn to television for a sense of what’s immediate in the outside world. After a few minutes, I must escape. Switching to streaming media doesn’t help, because plentiful offerings are the results of quick productions that feature noise, blood and guts, and minimal story-tellings.

The last several days have been overcast, chilly, windy, and the outside hasn’t been inviting. I’ve been housebound more and watching television. I’m grateful for having been outside and trimming trees over several weeks. Those days, little bits of news kept me apprised of the pandemic’s progress, political roustabouts, and the looks ahead.

There’ll be a new normal, they say. We wonder if in the future we’ll resume eating out in restaurants; and manage to straighten out international food chains and support farming communities; and somehow find ways to assist what remains of our middle class (not to mention the populations of very poor and homeless people); and will find acceptable the personal tracking being proposed. Worsening such complicated situations, and others, are dire warnings of highly possible follow-on pandemics.

Today is dawning sunny, will be warmer. I’ll go outside and create work to stay there. That way, avoiding newscasts and the pitiful offerings on streaming media. There has been a happy note through all this, in that my little property looks nicer after receiving some serious attention.

Dear Friends: A best new-normal would be helped by well-educated younger leaders. Diana

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