Changing Times

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Our world is changing and it’s only begun. I wonder if our evolving world will offer, at least for the majority of people, any improvements over the pre-pandemic world. Much we’ve grown up with and depended on is changing. Globalism is breaking down, huge retailers filing for bankruptcy are closing their stores, commerce is turning heavily online, and educational processes are in chaos.

That larger picture already has impacted our little worlds.

My recent trip to a grocery store showed prices shooting up because of disrupted food production chains. Modern commercial food production depends on vigorous international trade and abundant workers. The increased squabbling internationally and the Corvid-19 surprise have impacted negatively the needed components for food processing.

We learn about bulk food processing, it’s violent enough to cause vomit. Many facilities are butchering animals to provide meat. A single pig processing plant kills and butchers daily some fifteen thousand animals. A single cow processing facility kills and butchers daily some five thousand bovines.

Like many others, I’ve ignored food processing but lately can’t push it from my mind. I’ve read Upton Sinclair’s 1905 novel, The Jungle, and remembering it cringe. Sinclair wrote describing the United States meat industry and its then-deplorable working conditions. The book’s impact advanced socialism in this country. Eventually meat producers improved worker conditions, benefits, and pay. But individuals today working regular hours and slaughtering live animals, must become hardened.

The newer world also offer some pleasant surprises. I’ve begun steaming entire movies on my iPhone and surprisingly it’s fun. I can hang out at the barn during a break, enjoying “Prime Suspect”, as a favorite detective, DCI Jane Tennison, chases criminals and attempts to straighten her private life. I’ve been able to visit online some of the world’s greatest art galleries and been reminded of fine works I’ve loved, discovering opportunities to explore modern theories related to them.

Commerce is commerce though. It’s almost impossible to visualize ongoing huge shrinkages of international cooperation and trade. Surely though, changes are happening and will trickle down to individuals and families. Already, we find prices higher, walk-in department stores fewer, and online purchases enough to stretch delivery companies thin.

Dear Friends: Today, I’ll ride a horse and be out enjoying Nature’s abundant free beauty. Diana

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