Lesser Isolated

Backyard Tipi

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Upon exiting the family tipi of my friend, Susie, I took its photo. We’d relaxed awhile inside that intimate space. It has seats, futon, and rustic little fire pit. We’d been sheltered nicely from winds that blew hard, pushing against the tent’s sturdy fabric. Those winds foreshadowed an anticipated big rain. We were going to take a walk through the neighborhood, were hoping to stay ahead of the moisture.

Inside that shelter, Susie had explained the tipi’s charm, and how her family acquired and installed it. The tent’s crafter is a long-time and famous maker, Nomadics Tipi Makers (located in our area near Tumalo Reservoir). Their tents, all Sioux styled, are sewn and painted locally. Years ago, Nomadics made all the tents for an excellent film, “Dancing With Wolves”. Susie’s family use the tipi as an escape hatch for private moments and for sleep-outs. The cozy enclosure has proved an area perfect also for hosting and entertaining guests.

Upward view

We left that beautiful structure and headed along the street toward a gravel road that would take us under the power lines. Susie has lived in this area many years, she’s intimate with many of the homes and their residents, present and past. A walk with her offers lots of learning about our local history.

This outing was instructive for me, too, during our mile-long walk on the dirt road stretching under the powerlines. She pointed out distant large homes, explained who now lived or had lived in them, and described how much of our area has changed over the years. When Susie’s quick eye spotted a stand of gorgeous purple flowers blooming among the sagebrush, she took photos.

And here’s one of Susie while earlier on her bike coming to meet me. “Oh, no!”, she said on seeing my camera, I look awful.

I disagree, Susie. You’ve a $million smile, and always look great!

Dear Friends: A spontaneous outing really can pep-up the social distancing life. Diana

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