Sun’s Out!

Monday, May 18, 2020

After the rain I went walking with a camera. It was too soon after the moisture had fallen for new plants to spring up. That’ll soon happen, and meanwhile, a welcome sunshine offered much to enjoy.

The improved weather and a slightly-looser focus on self-isolating invited a social boon. Many times in traveling this neighborhood, while driving a horse, or on my own two feet, even occasionally on horseback, I’ve never bumped into as many others out walking. In one of the crowded spots, I grabbed a couple photos.

(Those approaching turned out to be my friends, Susie and Dale, taking a break from their business of designing and building specialized ladders for repairing helicopters.)

I should have photographed more folks, for those out and walking seemed in great moods. But my best ideas often dawn too late, and already, I’d neared a last curve where few walkers were in sight.

There still were surprises. Like this tree I’d not previously noticed. It’s never been trimmed, is beautiful with many branches spreading healthy and strong. That sight made me feel guilty for having limbed most trees on my property and perhaps losing future beauty.


While snapping this interesting fence corner, I heard anxious calls, and turning, saw my neighbor, Brenda (a fellow horse-person), hurrying toward me. She was demanding, “Are you all right!” She explained that she’d noticed my very messy dry lot, an area with horses on it full time that’s always been kept clean. The mess made her fear for my health in this period of semi-isolation, and she’d contacted mutual horse-friends to find if they knew of my status.

I reassured Brenda that I’m fine. Feeling bummed by Cv-19 and our chilly weather, I’d simply decided to ignore the horse area for days. The resulting mess that worried Brenda had made me feel guilty for leaving horses and neighbors to the accumulation. That very morning I’d been out dragging and clearing the area.

Couple of notes to self: (1) The kindness of neighbors eases some concerns about living alone, and (2) Always keep the dry lot noticeably clean.

Dear Friends: A gorgeous and sunny day uplifts and invites us outside. Diana

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