Game’s Over

Friday, June 05, 2020

Yesterday I didn’t ride because my screwball dog, Osix, decided against loading into the truck and instead hid from me. It’s her game, hiding. She’s an expert, made herself invisible and unresponsive to calls. The other dogs and the horses were loaded and ready to go. I walked twice over the property and calling, but to no avail. Finally, fearing she’d try to follow my vehicle on the highway, I unloaded the animals. Happily for the horses. They walked across the street and enjoyed time on my neighbor’s lush pasture.

The moment my “good dogs” were released into their fenced area, Osix raced up the hill to join them. I’d been certain she wasn’t simply running loose around the neighborhood. For it’s her style, that the game on was hide-and-seek. I’ve never had another dog that didn’t eagery leap into a vehicle. What’s odd is that Osix mostly does, but this new game might become common. Beyond my worries about invisible Osix, it’s hot inside truck and trailer for the animals waiting.

That was her second time refusing to load and instead hiding. The first time, she responded finally to my calls and loaded willingly, but not this time. From here on, family outings will exclude Osix to curtail kooky behaviors that make me search, worry, and change plans. Her hiding behavior is beyond a mere irritant, for she could become lost. Osix, now eight years old, came to me at eight weeks. I want her visible and safe.

Today, I’ll deal with how to get all the other dogs away. She’ll be vocal, but too bad, Osix, because it’s about your safety.

Dear Friends: The odd-one-out usually winds up dictating much of the group’s action. Diana

2 thoughts on “Game’s Over

  1. Nick used to do this too. We leashed him for awhile to get him loaded. Could you load all dogs once horses loaded up? But, if she is going to do that on the trail, and when you’re ready to return home…..hmmm.

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