Saturday, June 06, 2020

I’m sitting near the big birdcage that’s home to Peaches, my Cockatoo, and streaming an excellent documentary covering Bob Dylan’s artistry and career. Somewhere in the film’s middle, I’m listening closely to Dylan’s poetry-as-song when Peaches begins screaming loudly and blotting-out Dylan.

His rackets often interrupt my attempts to concentrate on things highly interesting. I pause to wait until the bird stops declaring his presence. This time he won’t shut up, continues the high-pitched screaming. He’s hanging on a side of his cage, has a view clear down to the horses. Maybe putting the dogs outside will interrupt Peaches’ focus, but the screaming continues.

The dogs are outside only an instant before they began barking full-tilt and rushing down the hill. “Deer”, I thought, peering without seeing anything. The bird and dogs killed any listening to Dylan. “Where are those deer?” I walked outside onto the deck looking for them.

Deer indeed! How about my goats and chickens, unpenned!–on the loose, wandering around!

I rushed into the house, paused for boots (a rainy day), and hurried downhill. When was I careless with that gate! The horses were hanging their heads over the fence and watching the free animals, none far from their pen and confused about where to go. Good! They’d just become free.

The goats hurried toward me as I ran to a feed-keeper. I grabbed a container, scooped and rattled grain, and now the goats followed me back to their area. Chickens, too, at my heels. I dumped feed for all the critters, closed and double-secured their gate, and whispered to my now-silent bird, “Thank you, Peaches”.

This bird never misses a beat when it’s about activities on this property. He recognizes a stranger’s approach, quickly spots when deer are crossing, knows when I leave the property and sees my returns. Always, he’s very noisy, about what he sees, or just wants to make a racket.

Now, four things happen: I beat-up on myself mentally for leaving unlatched a critical gate; salute my bird’s watchfulness and rackety-informing; give thanks to the dogs for underscoring bird noises; and wondered what had motivated my unusual venturing-outside to see a common sight.

Dear Friends: Life teaches of serendipitous-knittings among spontaneous events. Diana

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