Butterball Blooms

Thursday, July 02, 2020

It appears that Costco’s food demo program will return to life in a month or two. I received a notice from my former employer inquiring about my interest in working again. Well, yes, extra money would be welcome in these tight times.

By the time of demo restarts, it might be unsafe relative to distancing and germ-spreading to hand out food samples. The notice to assess my interest also asked about my willingness to “dry sell”. That means talking about a product instead of providing samples. We experienced sample servers always find it more difficult to dry sell because customers love receiving free samples. Most folks rarely are interested in pausing just to listen. After these months of hiatus and no income, most experienced sample servers willingly will do the required talking.

It’s been lovely, having many weeks without paid-work obligations, but I’ve missed my fellow employees and also casual acquaintances among the Costco workers and shoppers. This small city has only one Costco, so one becomes acquainted with many who regularly are there. Last week, I shopped at Costco and noticed that the food court has reopened–a signal of the store’s re-expanding offerings.

Following my former employer’s inquiry and my affirmative response, I’ll await what develops. In case all goes smoothly toward my rehiring, I must start to wrap my head around the idea of returning to work. That does sound okay, but will mean less time with my horses and other critters, less time to work on improving my property, and less time to do the reading that feeds my brain. It will interfere, too, with with my forest-trekking, with dogs, to hunt mushrooms.

This long non-working period (and my first-ever) has been wonderful.

Dear Friends: On the verge of discovering, experiencing the long-anticipated new normal. Diana

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