Riding High

Friday, July 03, 2020

Wow, I’ve been listening to Nina Simone and Janis Joplin. What a way to begin a morning, trying to wake up while listening to these artists. They transform ordinary feelings into a sort of emotional rollercoaster, from which one not wanting to escape wants more. But reality prevails and outside are waiting hungry horses.

Yesterday, I rode in a small relatively unknown area. Years ago my explorer, horseback loving friends, Julie and Dave, introduced me to this area, where often my dogs and I might go to amble around. Our little hour-long hike consists of a loop, about a mile and a half that I’ve considered the territory’s extent. Not long ago, Dave disagreed, saying “You can ride out there as far as you want.” I began to wonder and so decided to go there with my horses as well as the dogs.

As usual, I rode one horse, ponied another with Pimmy following and the dogs running alongside. Instead of turning as usual to start my familiar circle, I kept the horses moving straight ahead. We followed a little trail that soon moved us into desert lands. We walked surrounded by sage, bitterbrush, and wildflowers. We trod alongside large rocky formations and near old dry stream cavities. It was a beautiful place.

The event was awesome. Instead of limiting the outing, I decided to trust my friends, and as they promised that territory seemed to expand. The area isn’t huge but its network of trails make it seem so. My horseback ride was fine. The running dogs wore themselves out. Topping all were my senses of pleasure, freedom, and comfort. Those good feelings remained with me on the way home and lasted through the afternoon.

Dear Friends: Once open to possibilities of discovering beauty, we find it all around us. Diana

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