Quiet Nod To History

“If a tree falls in the forest….”

Saturday, July 04, 2020 Independence Day

This year’s holiday is short on firework supplies and so far the environment has been less noisy, and many annual typically big and colorful celebrations are cancelled. In my neighborhood, after hearing only one brief round of poppings, I’m relieved, for tonight might remain quiet and the dogs may rest well.

July 4th is a very strange holiday anyway. Fireworks do more than disturb peach, quiet, and rest. They’re especially awful as easy sources of injuries for kids. I’m thinking back a million years to when we kids annually played with firecrackers, little explosive devices that caused many injuries and eventually became illegal. Their replacement, fireworks, are less noisy, more colorful, but also do cause injuries. These days, fireworks mostly are left to the hands of professionals for displaying.

It’s reasonable that nations have historical events taught to children, remembered when those kids become adults, and passed along to a newer generation. Many people’s historical references are from annual celebrations, of national events, significant lives, and technological spectacles (for example, the early moon shots–flyovers, landings, and tragic misses).

A common sense of major events bind a nation’s residents. It’s no accident that a video production of “Hamilton” has begun streaming for free over this July holiday. If there’s too little of lights and noise to remind us of our nation’s beginnings, we’ll experience the early politics in costume and music.

Maybe we’ll learn that this holiday can be great without lots of racketing and skylighting.

Dear Friends: Have a wonderful weekend and be safe. Diana

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