Images, Sounds & Colors

Lei Jia

Sunday, July 05, 2020

I’ve been hooked on the Chinese drama series, “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, a sumptuous watching experience, it’s visually glorious with lovely soundtrack themes. It’s long, Season One is endless with 87 episodes, its cast seemingly consists of thousands. To my Western eye, it’s often hard to distinguish who’s who, except for an individual’s makeup or perhaps for her style of eye-rolling.

What got my interest aside from the acting talent in key lead roles has been the series’ overall beauty and its musical soundtrack. I’ve needed some time to discover who’s singing on the soundtrack. The search has me discovering some of China’s popular crossover artists. For example, a stunning vocalist is the coloratura soprano, Lei Jia. She performs on “Ruyi’s” soundtrack, her available recordings in Chinese are captivating, and she’s also a key soprano with the Metropolitan Opera.

I’ve long been out of touch with a modern world of classical music. My preference has been for the classics, mostly listening to well-known singers and musicians who perform spotlessly. Recently, it’s captured me to discover that there are young and incredibly talented artists who demand attention. For example, there’s the crossover pianist, Juji Wong, who in action is pure dynamite.

The new blends of world music make listening fun, interesting, and has fostered artistic creativity in all aspects of musical production and performance. This has carried into the visual arts–like the “Ruya’s” series–eighty-seven episodes, about competition and misbehavior in a harem! Occasionally the script seems a bit boring, but certainly never its blend of social history and crossover artistry.

Dear Friends: These weeks have encouraged online searching and yielded worthy outcomes. Diana

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