Bonjour Laziness

Contemplating Cottonbatting, (a species of Rabbit tobacco)

Monday, July 07, 2020

This is a quick “good morning” because I’m running late. I must hurry out and ready my rig to roll while morning is here and the weather still cool. A tire caught a nail and needs air, the water-carriers are empty, and the trailer floor is a mess. These chores take time and require effort. Yesterday, I decided to leave them alone.

That’s the kind of delaying decision that always winds up making me angry at myself. The problem with facing work needing completion is that it must be done, the sooner the better and easier. Otherwise, there are consequences to face for having made the bad choice of deciding to wait. Since those are jobs I don’t want to handle now, why didn’t I simply take care of things earlier?

Procrastination is an interesting element of human nature. We know what must be done and when, but oddly, sometimes (and hopefully not often) we allow work needs to slide, until suddenly they loom as demands. Experiences teaches that anticipating work usually is worse than actually fulfilling it. Hmm, this probably deserves more thought, but thankfully, not right now.

I’m on my way outside to take care of needed work.

Dear Friends: Forgive my having slacked, I’m trusting today to perform better. Diana

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