Family Matters


Tuesday, July 07, 2020

In the header photo, taken in Los Angeles during my cousin Mary’s engagement party, the lady with decolletage was her Aunt Fanny, who also was my mom. At that time, mom was approaching her mid-fifties, and as always, was a beautiful lady.

Those were the days when I might have been living in Albuquerque. That’s where I wound up after going to Gallup to rescue my high school friend, Stephanie, from what seemed a mismatched marriage. (I was mistaken, for the couple’s collaboration was long and successful.) At the time, as a midwestern, I rarely had contacts with West Coast relatives. Many years later, and in fact, in Los Angeles at another family event, Mary and I met in person, talked, and almost immediately became friends. Since then, she and her husband, Freddie, and I, have been close.

Since then and through many years, Mary and I have shared our experiences, including routine living activities, memories associated to family members, and also, many of the welcome and unwelcome elements of aging.

This photo arrived yesterday, a surprise blast from the past. If it were possible to slide back in time, I’d be at that party! Mary found the photo in an old collection and included a note explaining that it shows mom talking with her Northern California niece (whom I never met). Nearby, were our Uncle Sam, Aunt Edith, and Cousin Dusty. I knew most of them well, and over the years after that photo, many have passed away.

I still have Mary, still have Stephanie, and am full of gratitude for our shared memories.

Dear Friends: If only I could talk again with Mom, she’d answer so many questions! Diana

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