Ruyi’s Royal Love (cont.)

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

I’ve carried on about “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, a Chinese series (subtitled) that consists of 81 episodes, streaming on Hulu (perhaps also on Amazon Prime). It’s an historical, lengthy, somewhat lightweight drama, made very special by absolutely stunning visuals, a lovely musical soundtrack, and compelling performances by Zhou Xun (the Harem Empress) and Wallace Huo (the Palace Emperor).

Fascinating to me has been that artists can turn a story, familiar, long and sometimes silly to a modern audience, into an event that can hold viewers through 81 episodes. My initial attractions were to its music and visuals accompanying each series’ opening and closing credits. I went looking for the soundtrack, finally finding only limited versions. While there’s no commercial soundtrack, enough is available to provide a flavor of the series’ style.

I searched for music and visuals, finding this YouTube video with one of the soundtrack’s key singers, Lei Jia (a coloratura soprano who sings with the Metropolitan Opera) performing the opening song. The video includes glimpses of the series, hinting at how throughout its 81 episodes, each scene is sheer visual art.

Here’s the link, enjoy:

Dear Friends: This complicated series give us a story with more to praise than to criticize. Diana

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