Still Mapping….

On the trail, in a shady moment

Monday, July 20, 2020

Route mapping isn’t an activity for the fainthearted. I’ve been trying to lay out a horse-trail in a popular area appearing on official maps. I’m finding it “almost impossible” to overlay trail details from my travels and make them show on a printed map and readable. I say “almost impossible”, because I’ve not given up, although it’s unclear as to what more might help to achieve a decently readable map.

I’ve searched Google Maps, Avenza Maps, and All Trails Maps. All show only abbreviated versions of the area I want to enhance. By enlarging an online map, it’s possible to overlay names of key points and add general route directions. On a computer, too, the enlarged area is satisfying. Unfortunately, printouts of the map don’t retain an enlarged view. They shrink my altered area to tiny and unreadable.

This mapping is being driven by my OCD button that’s rambling out of control. I’m continually trying to visualize ways to create a hard copy map showing clearly my route design and key points. I’ve already written about this, and a reader has asked for location coordinates. Finding space for coordinates also is an almost-impossible.

None of this adds up to loss for I’ve come a long way since deciding to create a map. Eventually I’ll make it happen. I’ve learned lots, like how to use the previously unknown (to me) features on electronic devices. Electronic usage has enabled my outline of a five-mile loop, recorded key points with locations and coordinates, and ultimately, will make the loop a worthwhile destination. But, first the trail’s details must be made easily readable, printable, and pocketable while en route.

Dear Friends: I’m not the first wanting to make a map, somewhere is a solution. Diana

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