Path Seeking

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I’m a deadhead today after spending most of yesterday looking at and thinking about maps. My next-door neighbor who’s a map appreciator volunteered to help, but also couldn’t solve the problems in trying to print an expanded section that’s easily readable and carryable. It’s possible to expand maps online and to add text and graphics, but those alterations won’t print-out enlarged, to read and carry.

Moving on and searching online for available “mapping” software that may help brings up bunches of stuff not relevant. Threads appear for mapping that may become surprises. “Mapping” finds software designed for mind-mapping, for groups in large organizations. Other mapping creates searches for products to shortcut online purchasing.

My cyber explorations will continue, for surely there’s assistance out there. The solution might be biting a bullet and just purchasing the Big Adobe Package. My limited version of Photoshop has helped to customize online maps but it doesn’t offer nearly as much as the big package. Right now, for my minor needs, the full Photoshop is too expensive to rationalize.

It’s hard if not impossible to know how much and where new learning might transport us. My interest in becoming enabled to map accurately might grow as I gain insight and understanding about the applications of mapping. It would seem be a reach, to justify obtaining a major software package, but nothing’s impossible.

Dear Friends: First, learn to use a compass, then a GPS, then a tracking software, and then…. Diana

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