Blue Elderberry Trail

Blue Elderberry (mature)

Friday, July 24, 2020

Here’s a brief hello, for I must dash out very early to feed the horses. Today, my friend Susie will ride Rosie, and we will lead Dave and Julie Gilbert over the “Blue Elderberry Trail” at Horse Butte. The Gilberts are early go-ers, and so this morning I’m scrambling.

It’s fun to have identified a loop that’s (hopefully) new to the Gilberts, and to have invited them on a tour. The two are intrepid horseback riders, they do lots of exploring and have shown me many fun horse trails which otherwise I’d never have got a clue. Julie and I are book lovers who share information and ideas. Dave has introduced me to elements in the great outdoors (new to a former city girl), like lava ridges shaped with character, ancient trees with history and almost-identifiable stories, and lately, the fun of strolling with dogs in the forest to hunt for wild mushrooms.

Today, we’ll learn if my trail is one they’ve not already found. Even if they have, this will be a pleasant ride. One thing about “Blue Elderberry” I had hoped for was to have been able to create a hard-copy map of the trail. I did fiddle around with many online mapping opportunities, but none let me design exactly what I wanted.

BTW, Blue Elderberry is native to the PNW, and a relatively easy-keeper that can grow to a 30′ tree. Ours is young, and a stunning-looker, growing wild near a trail out in the middle of almost-nowhere. Today, my hands will be more free, I’ll take better photos of the plant.

Meanwhile, learning how to map, to get exactly the outcomes I may visualize, will be another ongoing project.

Dear Friends: The weather has cooled down, so enjoy this fine outdoorsy day. Diana

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