A Quest

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The dogs and I will go out early. We’re going to climb Horse Butte. I’ve returned recently to the Butte area and been riding horseback in its surrounding forest. Each time in the trailhead, I’ve been attracted to the Butte’s steep upward trail. I’ve a yearning to climb it, although for sure, nothing on top would have changed since last I climbed there, about fifteen years ago. This small extinct volcano has a sunken summit, populated with big lava rocks and junipers. I used to enjoy strolling on the outskirts of that sunken area or directly through the dipped-center.

Past memories of my experiences on the Butte are drawing me again to it, and as well the climb itself. The Butte isn’t very high, its upward trails are clearly defined. The trail I’ll use today, in the old days had slippery spots, and most likely still does. Back then support sticks helped to keep my climb safe, and today I’ll use them.

This draw to the Butte rouses more of my curiosity. I wonder if at the bottom line today’s plan is a test of my physical strength. While often my strength doesn’t seem much, over time it’s held up surprisingly. From past experience, I know that if climbing upward proves too much, descending is easy. Today if necessary, I won’t hesitate to turn back–but hey, I gotta give the climb a go.

Dear Friends: Wondering if this involves wishing to defy the laws of aging and gravity. Diana

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