Technologically Speaking

(photo from Washington Post, 7-29-20)

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Again, today technology is on my mind. I’m still grappling with problems that cropped up as I tried to download photos from my iPhone and have them transferrable to other platforms. I’m also trying to understand better how to access more opportunities from electronics I use while on horseback–for instance, my GPS and SPOT Personal Locator.

For years I’ve carried a GPS for the information it can provide about my travels on horse trails. It records my miles of activities and immediate altitudes. I’m practicing how to tap more into its mapping and waypoint capabilities. My reassuring SPOT, upon the touch of a button if I became lost or injured in the great outdoors, would notify Search & Rescue. The SPOT also has tracking and mapping capabilities that I’m practicing with more.

I’ll emphasize “the for years” of my familiarity with those and other electronics. Like, my cameras are complex, my cell phone and wristwatch are complicated. Smart gadgets slowly have become integral to certain of my activities and in general to my daily living.

Lately, I’ve been struck by having to learn yet another “smart process”, that of no-cash currency. My part-time food-sampling job allowed me to file for unemployment during the pandemic. The Unemployment System had online glitches that hindered my unemployment benefits. Recently “the system” made repairs and sent a Visa Card, credited with cash, and usable many ways. It allows money transfers to a bank account, pays for purchases, online, at gas stations, and grocery stores. It’s a process that’s easy peasy and doesn’t involve a dollop of paper cash.

I think about the daughter of one of my friends. She’s in her mid-twenties, very tech savvy, and employed by a San Francisco-based organization…that organization’s single product is creating virtual money. Last year on hearing about her job, I thought virtual money interesting and even amusing, but without association to my life. How wrong I was! Now it’s easy to recognize that we’re on the receiving end of a consistently forward-crawling virtual currency.

There’s a broader overview in today’s Washington Post:

Dear Friends: Today’s real dollars eventually will resemble Confederate currency of old. Diana

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