Distant Thundering

Thursday, July 30, 2020

This morning just a quick hello, for I must get ready, early, to leave for a ride on horseback.

The other day, I was in the forest on horseback and feeling slightly lost when I heard a sudden distant thundering, and soon, more thundering roars. My electronics indicated that the trailhead was a couple of miles away. I thought my horse was heading toward the trailhead, but she soon arrived at a paved road. Across that road was a butte located in a direction opposite where I should be going. Accompanied by thunder rumblings, I turned to begin backtracking fast as possible, and estimating that reaching the trailhead would take from forty-five minutes to an hour. I hoped the rain would hold and it nearly did. For we were on a trail only about fifteen minutes out when a sprinkle caught us. That slight moisture turned out to be local, we moved through it quickly.

Today will be hot, and hopefully, without any hints that surprise and warn of oncoming rain.

Dear Readers: Have a great day. Diana

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