Miles & Rosie

Allowing Rosie permission to graze

Friday, July 31, 2020

This morning, I’m leaving early to take my Border Collie, Miles, to a specialist veterinarian. There, he’ll be anesthesized, his synovial fluids drawn, and tests run to determine if he has autoimmune disease. Miles’ swollen joints suggest he has that not-pretty disease, I know it well from an earlier dog of mine. I’m bummed that Miles might have developed it, but prior to test results can hope for an outcome suggesting a condition less aggressive.

Yesterday, Rosie and her rider, Anna, immediately gained mutual understanding, and Rosie, who can be obnoxious with riders, performed at her best. Anna’s guidance of Rosie was very light, and she explained that Rosie is very sensitive, that the slightest tension in her rider also tenses this horse, changes her behavior. Anna’s handling found Rosie’s very light and responsive side, so she experienced the very fine ride Rosie can offer.

Later as we unsaddled, Anna said that she estimates the younger Rosie, during her top career years had outstanding capabilities. And I’ve understood the same from other friends, experienced with horses, who’ve on-and-off handled Rosie since she was a tiny filly.

Pausing for Pimmy to catch up

On the other hand, Anna learned, too, and quite a bit…about donkeys. We made pretty good time over the trails, even with pauses to listen for Pimmy’s cowbell or to wait until she could catch up with the horses. My wonderful trail dogs, Ranger and Louie, as usual went the whole distance.

A fun ride.

Dear Friends: Please keep good thoughts for Miles, always a fastest, most athletic companion. Diana

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