Pulling Events Together

Friday, August 07, 2020

It’s shocking at work to find some customers angry at us sample servers. They demand for edibles handed out, right now. Yesterday, a woman repeatedly insisted that I had no business being in the store. We all hear such things from customers and try to appear neutral.

In this unhealthy environment, it’s shocking that people may want to see food cooking and to eat it. I wonder, with others, why our sample-serving company decided to restart. It’s created bunches of rules we servers must observe. We attend to endless hand-washings, no touchings of our masks, and repeated must change our gloves. Meanwhile, the illness rate continues to rise.

If sample serving at Costco again shuts-down, I’ll claim unemployment and happily hop on a horse.

Meanwhile, our nights have turned chilly, and last night I shut windows. After hours on my feet at work, it feels good to slide under a stack of blankets to sleep like a baby. Here’s what’s odd, cool August evenings like these are in the month usually that’s our hottest. But hey, no mistake, I’ll take more of what is.

My non-employed brain has turned into a blank platform. It doesn’t bother with new delights. It’s busy trying to reorganize my fewer free hours–like to feed the large animals on some regular schedule. What’s happening is that now I find time seeming strange. For example, if I’m to be at work at 11:00 a.m., I can’t remember to finish all else by 10:00 a.m. I forget how much time one needs to clean-up and dress-up before heading to work. These first days, I’ve been in a rush-mode to get ready for work, have been leaving late, and barely clocking in on time.

I miss those past-few months that were more free, and supported an alert, accepting, and busy brain. In retrospect, that represented a period of halcyon days. That stretch of tranquility allowed both intakes and ideas to flow and grow. Well, I hope to regain such goodness!

Dear Friends: Realities and dreams may integrate best with step-by-step adjustments. Diana

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