Saddle In The Wings

Saturday, August 08, 2020

I’ve completed a string of days at work. Having had no chances to ride horseback, I itch to hoist myself into a saddle. Now with several days off and starting this morning, I’ll correct the gap and resume riding. Prior to re-starting work at my old job, almost daily riding had become ritual.

A new week of the work schedule is posted. It appears that on average I’ll work three days weekly. That provides plenty of days free to play with horses, and it’s especially nice during this relatively-cool weather.

There’s a fun element of working in a busy place where many people gather. At Costco, I bump into friends doing their shopping for pleasant moments together, catching up. Besides renewing friendships those encounters by breaking up the routine help my hours pass more quickly.

I’m uncertain today whether to take out all the horses or only one. My best bet is to play things by ear, and in other words, get a sense of what’s most compelling while out feeding them. Much happens while interacting with horses. Today I’ll assess their alertness and energy relative to my own. This morning, I’m a little tired. While I’d like to get them all out, maybe instead, it’s better to opt for an easy ride and just one horse.

My physically strongest dog, Ranger–and unfortunately the only one not dealing with arthritis or injury–was exhausted after running frequently with my horses. During my recent working days, Ranger’s had a good rest. Now again, this great trail dog is ready to run.

Dear Friends: The stress of working is offset by anticipating fun with the horses. Diana

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