Ridge Trails One & Two

Rosie on the road

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Yesterday, a joyous return to my halcion days on horseback! I hauled Rosie who was an easy, pleasant ride. This time, I brought Pimmy along to counter Rosie’s separation anxieties. The combo worked beautifully. Rosie was calm in the trailer and while being saddled. Throughout my ride, she maintained a pleasant gait and casual alertness.

Without trouble, we found the well-beaten trail that crosses a large lava ridge. It provides a picturesque travel.

Ridge Route #2
Louie & Ranger leading

I’ve named this trail, “Ridge Trail #2”. It’s located fairly near a ridge trail I found earlier and now refer to as Ridge Trail #1. It puzzles me after coming off RT#2, that I can’t find RT#1. I’ve wandered from RT#2, searching for RT#1, but haven’t located them vis a vis one another.

Gee, I want to record my routes and finds by creating a detailed-area map. So far, I’ve not discovered an affordable and capable way to hard-map the real-time details that are stored in my electronics.

Yesterday, Rosie left RT#2 where it ends, near the powerlines at the north end of Road 200, and headed south, a routine in my searches for RT#1. Occasionally, we pass a vehicle, parked in a field but near the road. Someone inside keeps covered its windows and leaves open its side door. Yesterday, my dogs headed toward that vehicle and I called them back just as whoever was inside slid-shut the door.

I yelled, “So you know, there’s a loose donkey following me!”

From inside, in a man’s deep holler, “I love that donkey!”

Dear Friends: Even in the middle of seemingly nowhere, people may meet in odd ways and even eak slight familiarities with one-another’s doings. Diana

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