Lessons Learned

Monday, August 10, 2020

As may happen with my friend, Janet, on the spur of a moment we teamed up. This time we went horseback riding, she on the calm and dependable Sunni.

I rode the fun Rosie, who occasionally does surprise a little.

After having started Sunni wearing a bitless bridle, I began thinking of the same for Rosie. She’s maybe tad hotter than Sunni, but mostly it’s barely noticeable. The wonderful thing was to have a riding partner on my first time riding Rosie and with a bitless bridle. Throughout the bitless ride Rosie cooperated perfectly.

Janet, a thoughtful friend, brought me a belated birthday gift from her garden. This morning it blooms more and is beautiful.

On this ride there appeared a very faint horse trail that I’d not noticed before. We set our horses on it and eventually the trail became more defined. It was easy to navigate and seemed to rise although didn’t appear to be going over a ridge. It took us into an area that definitely has action during hunting seasons.

Our trail finally petered out and we were on a road I didn’t recognize. My electronics noted a direction of the trailhead and we turned that way. The area remained strange to my eyes and at some point we turned off, onto a smaller, not well-defined trail. This little trail quickly brought us to a slight ridge. The moment our horses stepped over I knew where we were.

We had arrived at the “Blue Elderberry Trail”! We were near the hunter’s camp and beginning to descend on a stone-lined trail going downhill and turning toward the elderberry bush.

I now understood that we’d come from a road I had noticed before but never tried. It turns out to provide a back way to the hunter’s camp. If coming from the elderberry bush, it’s an opposite way toward the trailhead. This is exciting!

My neighbor, Frank, is experienced in making maps and has offered to help create one showing a forest trail. I will ride this larger loop, perhaps today, and record key coordinates for him.

Today, my excellent horsewoman friend, Anna, will ride Rosie, and use any type of bridle she wishes. Rosie benefits from a session with Anna riding. And just as important, Anna’s feedback to me explaining Rosie’s needs has helped me gather the understanding and bravery to ride Rosie without a bridling constraint.

Dear Friends: “Get going and keep growing” has been key to a wonderful summer. Diana

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