Riding in Comfort

Anna, Rosie, Ranger

Friday, August 14, 2020

Went for a horseback ride over in the Horse Butte National Forest. It was lovely, with my friend Anna riding Rosie and I on Sunni. Pimmy followed us and wearing a new donkey fly mask covering her long ears and face.

A being from outer space?

This outing was spontaneous and without a particular goal except to relax and enjoy. For several miles we simply ambled along.

Sunni has a purple fly mask

It’s a joy that Anna loves Rosie, a pleasure to see how thoughtfully she communicates, how well the two interact. Anna guides the mare to stroll casually, invokes Rosie’s natural long strides–it’s lovely.

Sunni and I get along better as she wears a bit-less bridle. I’ve practiced bracing my elbows in a manner to prevent her sudden neck-dippings to grab for grass. Now after working to resolve our differences, Sunni and I move along appropriately. We’re team players though, and periodically I give Sunni permission to pause for grass.

The next time that I’m out and riding alone, I intend to explore very faint side trails. Some appear to sprout from our main trail and others seem to track alongside at a distance. In that beautiful forest it’s quiet and surprisingly cool, and likely, most trails are remnants from hunting seasons. Nonetheless, Horse Butte long has been a horseback riding area, and I’ll probably discover some wonderful old and still pretty-well beaten horse paths.

Dear Friends: If today you happen to be in Costco, look for me and say hello. Diana

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