Saturday, August 15, 2020

A long-time and very dear friend, and I, recently re-linked.

Jan and I became friends when I lived in Kansas City. We were in our twenties and shared many common interests. Throughout the years, we pursued goals, one we shared was to free ourselves of “childhood baggage”. We chose individual paths toward self-discovery, but throughout shared a broad array of interests that fed our minds and imaginations.

Jan was a natural artist, I dreamed of becoming a writer. Eventually, she fell in love, married, and had a child. I decided to join my family and move to California. Though Jan’s and my paths diverged, we occasionally got together, in the midwest or on the west coast. Over time, our individualities and life experiences set us on separate ways and through years of silence.

Suddenly, the other morning Jan popped into my mind. I sat thinking and remembering us. I wanted to write to her but shrugged it off, as for years we’d been silent. In that moment, I had almost too-little time to create a blog, run outside to feed the large animals, and as requested, arrive early at work for a group meeting. I got busy, forgot writing to Jan.

Yesterday morning, a note from Jan showed up in my email. Ya could’a knocked me over with a feather. It revived my sense that some communications occur in ways above and beyond human understanding. Somehow through time and space, and at the moment Jan popped into my mind, we must have reconnected.

New technology makes it so that our iPads allowed Jan and me a face-to-face reunion. We shared a great catching-up, a swapping of ideas, impressions, and thoughts about the future. The hour was re-energizing. That got me really thinking.

Here’s a perspective, that perhaps some of my psychic energy had drifted toward a sponge-like-dryness. I’ve a sense of refreshment now after soaking in validation by a kindred other. Maybe all that happened only has sprung from a writer’s imagination. I’m even wondering now if the event were real, or if I simply imagined those transactions with a dear friend.

So there they are, psychic possibilities versus the real. Sometimes it confuses as to which is in play.

Dear Readers: Use your mind, use your imagination, and see the many possibilities. Diana

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