Stayin’ Cool

Pimmy in mid-bath

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Locally, the big news yesterday was a fire across town that forced the evacuation of many city folks. I became aware of the fire while leaving work and coming home under the very thick, very black smoke that hung overhead. It was frightening. I stood outside my house, seeing smoke rise and hoping fire crews quickly could get the blaze under control. And they did for Oregon’s firefighters are among the world’s best. They’re accustomed to putting out forest (and other types of) blazes, locally and anywhere else that needs their skills.

Here in Central Oregon, most folks enjoy hanging onto much of what’s natural to the environment. Most, upon seeing a serious rising of black smoke, hurry outside to reassess their vulnerabilities. Many local homes are historic and wood-constructed, with yards or acreages tree-filled. Of course, there also are worries about the flammability of other vulnerable stuff, like stored fuel and electrical components.

I hadn’t been home long before my kind neighbor, Bill, checked-in to make sure I knew about the fire and was handling okay the needs of my animals and property. Bill is a source of information about what-is-or-might-be, through his associations with some in local government. Plus, as a long-time Oregonian, he’s accustomed to witnessing common natural disasters and understands preparations for dealing with many of them.

Our temperatures are rising and today’s are expected to climb to around 100-degrees.

Throughout this era of CoronaVirus, we’ve all witnessed the stretchings of visible and invisible drama. Since last December, many black clouds have hung over our heads, after we began learning about the Virus and it’s possible life-span. Since then, its threats have played constant havoc in earthworld’s people’s lives.

At least and thankfully, it’s possible to extinguish some fires quickly.

Dear Readers: Today, I’ll be on horseback, hopefully feeling cool, and considering myself lucky. Diana

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