A Blast & The Past

As Jonathan & Darlene Edwards (Paul Weston, Jo Stafford)

Monday, August 17, 2020

In my half-sleep this morning, on awakening, I heard clearly in my head, “When I lost my baby, I learned to cry real tears”. There was more, for those words were subtitled, “Goodby, crocodile tears”. I hadn’t a notion as to what those thoughts referred to, and decided to play creatively with them.

I tried to write a short story but couldn’t string-together enough satisfying ideas. I found it beyond my musical talents to use those words as country-western lyrics. Later, I thought more about this and wondered if the words are remnants of an old country-western song from my Oklahoma childhood. In those days, our regional music was nothing like modern country-western. Most old pure-country songs had lyrics either silly and laughable, or heartbreakingly rendered in faux-sobs.

To escape my Oklahoma upbringing, I elected to dislike country music. Instead, I listened to and learned to enjoy classical music–specifically opera. Many years later and seemingly out of the blue, I began yearning to hear the original old-time singers like Jimmy Wakely and Hank Williams. Actually, in those days, country singers sometimes did team with more sophisticated singers like Margaret Whiting and Jo Stafford. They were the daughters of famous musicians and bandleaders, Richard Whiting and Paul Weston.

Whyever this morning’s words popped up, they made me recall and rethink. I remembered the wonderful singer, Jo Stafford, who created an alternate life as Cinderella G. Stump. Here, Cinderella sings with Red Ingle and his fiddle, in 1960. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ukeZqJYPY

Stafford also teamed with her dad, and as Jonathan and Darlene Edwards. They created an album of left-handed playing and singing, an hilarious parody that kept my friends and me in stitches.

In contrast and as herself, here’s the talented Jo singing with the magnificent one-and-only Ella Fitzgerald, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctyT-9o4Vl0

Thank you, dream life, for reviving some of my heart’s fondest memories!

Dear Friends: I’ll be rediscovering more of the past’s fabulous creativity and listening. Diana

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