Quality vs. Quantity

Winter Ride

Friday, August 21, 2020

I’m off to work again, today as a breaker. I’ll be a stand-in for workers taking their breaks and lunches. This role lets me show up for work a little later than usual and leave for home a bit earlier. Even on days with short working hours, I can’t do much with my animals besides feeding. The horses especially need exercise. I’m eager to be out riding them.

Tomorrow afternoon the farrier is coming. I’ll try to escape early and ride awhile.

Not much can compare to working with a horse when it comes to clearing one’s mind. Handling a horse means focusing totally on the animal. One needs a sense of its energy level, attention span, willingness to respond, and probabilities of its amenance to guidance. For a rider on horseback, everything shrinks to awareness of the duo itself and the terrain.

Horseback makes one forget outside worries, such as money too short, bills too many, work not done, people not called, and realities needing to be faced. Riding is a postponer more than a therapy, although getting-away, forcing other thoughts into the background may somehow reveal solutions. On dismounting, one might be thinking creatively from mental background processing–like a nighttime awakening and an “Ah-ha! moment”.

Today at work, unless we’re really busy, I’ll make the hours pass quickly by thinking about my horses. I’ll start making plans for our next outing, deciding which trails to cover and why. I’ll consider where we might go simply for fun, looking around and discovering. I’ll think about how to improve my skills as a rider, to collaborate more fully while on horseback.

Dear Friends: All creatures are therapists, if we pause to spend quality time with them. Diana

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