New World Thoughts

Saturday, August 22, 2020

My farrier is coming today. I considered having him put shoes on one of my horses for driving, but there’s a new reality of now-limited time to play with the horses. I’ve begun working part-time. This is trashing some “play notions” for the time-being.

My work requires only a few daily hours, but they’re aside from the pre-work of preparing to be away, and exclude after-work time of caring for waiting animals. On scheduled working days, regardless of my wishing and planning, time is too-squeezed, even for a quick horseback ride. By now and for too long, the horses have been just hanging around, unexercised.

Today I’m not working and early will try to get away with them. We’ll have to return ahead of the farrier’s arrival. I’ll take all three, will ride Sunni, pony Rosie, and let Pimmy follow. It’ll be slow-going but that’s okay for I’ve missed having outings with them.

And, I’ve a brain full of concerns, about people wearing masks incorrectly and refusing to cover their mouths and noses, about politics and ahead a complicated race for president, about whether or not to explore refinancing my mortgage, about books I’m reading that offer points of view to be considered, and a big stack of books waiting to be read. Such a list goes on, and riding horseback while managing an entourage will consume my attention and energy.

It’s a fine way to ease those accumulated muddlings in my head.

Dear Friends: Please while out in public and for all our sakes, correctly wear a mask. Diana

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