Morning Rant

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Today, I’d love to load the dogs, drive up into the mountains, and for awhile just tramp aimlessly. Something about these days, warm and somewhat overcast with smoke, calls me higher. Alas, it’s a working day, maybe also bringing that calling. Yep, I’ll be inside, standing and hawking a food item, I think it’ll be hemp seeds.

The products we “demonstrate” are standards from Costco’s shelves. Few passer-by shoppers are interested, unless they decide to make a joke. Yesterday, I was responsible for speaking about a dog food and got teased by many who asked to taste-test before buying it. Like, come on folks, that’s not funny.

No matter how often we demonstrators show Costco’s hemp seed product (and we’ve done so bunches!), we find ourselves on the receiving end of jokes, like, “will this make me high?” To worsen the situation for demo types, askers pause and watch us waiting for a laugh! Well, I’m impolite and stay quiet, simply returning their stares.

Most would-be jokesters are men, but some women pick up on the hostility thread and try being funny. Please, folks, let me stand here wearily doing my repetitive job. Don’t joke about it. If you must try to joke, don’t seek my participation.

Anticipation. That’s why those mountains call! But I gotta go to work, and funny enough, also want to. It happens I look forward to reading t-shirts, and by the way stash humors from the good ones.

Anyway, if anyone local shops today in Costco, visit me wherever the hemp-seed might be hiding. Hey, I know you’ll joke, and it’s okay. With friends, I do laugh.

Dear Readers: It’s a perfect example of a situational love-hate relationship. Diana

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