Minor Setback

Gimme food!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

We working in Costco and serving food samples or just talking about products are being scheduled to work five days weekly. We’ve no choice, for the demonstration organization wishes to return to action and food manufacturers are pushing more for sales. The Corvid-19 environment isn’t safe for cooking and distributing unwrapped foods so it’s a Catch-22. New hiring is curtailed just as product promoters push hard for visibility. We on the payroll must accept more working days.

That doesn’t bother me except that my animals and especially the horses need some exercise. Daylight already is shorter, horses beginning to shed. Before and after my work, too little light-time remains for hauling, riding, returning, and organizing for the next morning.

Organizing ahead is essential if I’m to arrive at work on time. Morning horse feedings require that stalls be clean, with hay in feeders and water in buckets. My chores are to bring horses inside to eat, and to set out hay to keep them busy for awhile after release. Later, after arriving home and while Rosie blares for attention, I clean their stalls, fill water buckets, allot hay amounts, and bring in the horses to eat. Meanwhile, I organize for the next morning.

It’s unending work to keep big animals, but definitely rewarding if there’s adequate daylight and free time to play with them. My changing work schedule has me striving toward more efficient horse-keeping. It’s about working smarter. Squeezing-in evening exercise might mean saddling a horse after it finishes eating and cruising neighborhood streets.

Dear Friends: Changing time and commitments force us to reorganize normal activities. Diana

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