Woo, Who?

Friday, August 28, 2020

After work yesterday, while hurrying to my car and hearing my name, I turned and saw Todd trying to catch up with me. He’s a Costco employee of many years. After returning to work, I’d had not seen him in the store. Turns out, he’s gone–has moved on–six months ago, to Manhattan, Kansas! He’s fit and suntanned, looks terrific and happy.

It’s rare that someone long associated with Costco simply picks up and leaves, but Todd did. He explains that his son, recently retired from the Army, came to Bend and invited Todd to join his family in Manhattan. Just like that it happened. The son is in a second marriage, and between the two there are five children, from age seventeen to five. The five-year-old is the only girl-child, and Todd (who’s very close to his adult daughter) says the little one is a delight.

Well, maybe the Universe is speaking to me. First, a surprise-contact from my long-time friend Jan who lives in Kansas City, and now, Todd hailing from Manhattan. He says that, in Manhattan, one could buy a 1700 sq. ft. home with a yard, for about $90k. Or, a brand-new 2200 sq. ft. home on 1-1/2 acres for $190k. I’m not interested in moving but really do like those home prices.

And more about The Universe. I must consider possible meanings after so many years of forgetting, to find myself re-experiencing sudden feelings of closeness to a far-away place that once figured mightily in my background. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not a woo-woo type in any way, shape or form. But I enjoy toying with ideas, and attempting to comprehend the mysterious ways that a past may interact with one’s present moments.

Dear Friends: It’s a fun mental exercise for one who’s in-place, hawking food items. Diana

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