Hunting Season!

Ranger, wearing pink & orange

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Central Oregon’s having a coldslide! It’s chilly out after yesterday’s mega-windy late afternoon. This evening, I’ll pull from storage an electric blanket and have it at-the-ready. So amazing, how quickly our weather changes. Just a little experience with its patterns teaches locals to pay attention.

Yesterday, Anna and I rode in an eastside public land. We got started late, after suddenly remembering that hunting season has begun, requiring us all to be outfitted colorfully. I have for Pimmy a set of bright red pack bags, but she’s too fat, and we couldn’t secure the buckles. So Pimmy had to stay home. I found a gold outdoor jacket for my Ranger, hounddog, and he went along. Anna figured out how to brighten the horses and I dug out for us a couple of bright vests.

Anna on Rosie

Becoming more colorful needed this practice session. Our next preparations will be more efficient. Hunting seasons are frights for us who enjoy playing in the forests. Mostly, we fear newer hunters, those eager beavers impatiently wanting to take shots. I worry less for easier-to-spot horseback riders than for my entourage of dogs and lagging-follower donkey.

We escaped hunter issues yesterday while en route by making a sudden decision to nix the forest. Instead, we turned toward a safer desert area. If we’d thought ahead, all the dogs and Pimmy could have gone along, but c’est la vie, and “next time”.

Hey, ride with us! 27 seconds of Sunni following Ranger & Rosie:

Dear Friends: Yesterday, late afternoon turned huffing-puffing, smokey and dim. Diana

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