Reality Bites

“New Yorker” submission, by artist Liza Donnelly

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

I’ll be bored on this day at work while representing a new product. Customers only may look at it, and so will ask few (if any) questions about this product’s worthiness or otherwise. Instead, they’ll ask lots about why we’re not serving food samples.

I’ll have to stand for hours in one spot. So, I’ll amuse myself by reading t-shirts. It’s actually fun, for many are adorned with clever designs and messages. One of my favorites was, “Man Beer (the one you’ve been practicing for).” I checked the internet and discovered Man Beer is really a brand. I’m starting to carry a small notebook and intending to record some of the better t-shirt messages.

Mainly, I’ll be watching people’s masks, observing how they’re being worn. Many folks are doing the right thing by covering completely their mouths and noses with masks. I’ve been hearing shopping mom’s reminding their masked kids to lift the masks over their noses.

On the other hand, many adults, and of course their kids, are rejecting the idea and purpose of masks. They wear them below their noses, or worst, leave them hanging loosely around their necks. The store’s employees often remind shoppers to reset their masks properly, but to little avail.

It’s a sad situation.

Some customers who pause and want to talk, want to try convincing me that the pandemic is a hoax, doesn’t exist, and that all about it is BS. Well, I disagree. I step back from them, and from others improperly masked, who try engagine me in conversations.

This part-time job keeps demo folks focused on sanitation. We keep our tables and the big plastic shields well-sanitized, change our gloves and masks frequently, don’t touch our faces before washing our hands. As for me on arriving home after each workday, there’s the extra step of tossing all my work-related outerwear (including sneakers) into the washing machine.

Stay away coronavirus.

Dear Friends: “Reality is in the eyes of the observer.” As for this virus, I’m a believer. Diana

2 thoughts on “Reality Bites

  1. I love the line from Betty Bowers:”You don’t have to believe in natural selection. Natural selection believes in you!”


  2. It’s an interesting observation post you have while doing that job. Bend may be an “enlightened, liberal” bubble, but we’re surrounded by “Trump country.” Going east, where’s the next Costco? Boise? I think so. You are serving a good half of Oregon Congressional District 2. Your observations serve as a reality check. Thank you.


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