Flaming Fury

Oregon Wildfire (KTVZ News)

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The skies over Central Oregon are murky gray from wildfires raging over west. After burning small towns just across the mountains, those fires have closed the Cascades highway. Our local air quality is poor and the changing weather confuses. Many active blazes up and down the west coast have slimmed available resources for firefighting rapidly.

I’m thinking about how to evacuate. I’d pack my small horse trailer with supplies and if there’s time would hitch quickly and depart. But above all, my animals must be saved. In a case of very little time, I’d load the horses and stuff the big trailer’s tack-room (and my truck’s back seat) with pets. Off we’d go, and depending on circumstances, I’d return for the supply trailer or forget it.

At least, that’s a plan and seems easy enough. But in real time evacuating would be chaotic.

The thing is, it’s not fires usually that worry me. I more often wonder about a possibility of escape if the South Sister’s rumbling increases until that mountain explodes. While it’s not a likely happening, at least soon, we musn’t forget that not so-long-ago Mt. St. Helen’s rumbling fronted a sudden explosion that devastated a large area. If hot lava from South Sister suddenly rains on our area, there’ll be no time to escape. Periodically, I consider this.

I’m not a doomsday predictor. I’ve met many who are during my years of working part-time at Costco. It’s surprising the number of people who shop actively for “what if supplies”. They seek nonperishable items, that will over time will remain edible, or could become negotiable in periods of shortages.

These current unusual times fueled by pandemic and fire are the tip of an iceberg. Worldwide, nations have wasted resources. Instead of developing infrastructure, equipment, know-how, and manpower for emergencies, our created world is unable to communicate, collaborate, cooperate, and agree to apply resources in a manner to assure longevity. Instead, our world is a victim to known forces of nature that for too-long were ignored and underfunded.

Whether any planning works appropriately depends on what’s foreseeable vs. what ain’t.

Dear Friends: Let’s think ahead without going overboard, and for sure vote. Diana

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