Saturday, September 19, 2020

We who share similar worldviews about politics, environment, and social issues today mourn for RBG. She seemed a beloved family member, was a champion, had a superb mind and incredibly effective negotiating skills. She helped make it possible for many who otherwise wouldn’t have dared to dream to achieve educations and careers.

A girl like me, when I grew up in Oklahoma, was destined to marry a “right guy”, who had a financially capable future, or otherwise, figure out how to tread the very narrow path toward self-support. My best dreams for independence were to become an executive secretary. A road toward that was learning to type. I got down-solid that skill which helped me find jobs, for it turned out that I didn’t marry.

The turmoil-filled sixties forced a growing social awareness and caused huge rallies around common desires for changing the handlings of social, political, and environmental issues. That era produced social pioneers like RBG who began to readdress the old rules. Their kind of work opened new paths for many who took advantage of more opportunities for formal education. Acquiring knowledge eventually can alter worldviews and life directions.

Formal education, along with RBG’s legal arguments for gender and pay equality among workers, benefited everybody. Opportunities opened for the kinds of work few had dreamed of finding. Gradually, I was able to identify and achieve a career, and largely because of RBG’s successful legal arguments.

Without RBG on the Supreme Court, ahead are tumultuous battles. They’ve already begun. I’m grateful while looking forward for being able to look backward. To an era that permitted women to control the welfare of our bodies. To our increased access to health care. To better educational opportunities that allowed individuals find work offering relative happiness and more financial freedom.


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