Adjusting to Angst

Sunday, September 20, 2020

I’ve spent today’s early hours reading from the archives of major publications. Old articles, by certifiable intellectuals and great writers, on the lives and accomplishments of such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bob Dylan, and A. Hitler. This variety of individuals, their lives and great social impacts, interests me. It’s complicated, and in fact, I’m behaving weirdly while at work.

My head already full of current issues related politics, climate, economy, is overburdened by our loss of Judge Ginsburg. Besides losing that fabulous American, she passed exactly when early voting begins to elect our next President. It’s another ironic twist of 2020 fate that RBG’s passing left enough time for those in power to boast how quickly they’ll replace her. If that happens before presidential voting swings into full force, it’ll influence on-the-fence voters opposing liberal laws like those supporting abortion rights and health care for all.

At work for the last couple of days, I’ve thrown myself into hard-selling products to which I’m assigned. Sample-servers do their work by standing beside a product and talking about it in parrot-like manners. They repeatedly deliver five points: (1) product’s name, (2) producer, (3) price, (4) store location, and (5), the sales pitch, “Take some home today!” Server performance is measured by continued talking and covering those five points.

Servers receive sales goals on products. There’s not high-pressure to achieve these goals, but most would like to reach them. There’s a distant promise of bonus (details unclear) upon repeatedly hitting sales goals. Some servers speak on and on to the five points, others say little unless questioned or someone in authority watching. I generally ignore products that are uninteresting, have poor ingredients, or were produced in China. I put a little effort into the healthy products.

The last couple of working days and assigned to decent products, I’ve have been on fire. I’ve captured shoppers pushing carts through aisles and delivered long sales pitches. I’ve told shoppers they’re pulling wrong items off shelves and insisted they take home what I’m selling. What’s funny is that it’s worked and made my sales high. Interesting to me is that energetic selling which maybe surprises shoppers enough to have them pause, listen, and think.

My readings today of articles dealing with an array of political and social issues got me wondering about my weirdly-high sales energy. Maybe it’s an outlet for high emotions arising from current (and probably all 2020) events. These are tipping points: the unhappy loss of Ginsburg against a noisy chest-thumping by those in power.

Who could stretch imagination enough to visualize a Ted Cruise on the Supreme Court? Who are those unable to support good logic, like separating Church and State, supporting human equality, the right of having a choice, availability of health care, and recovery of a healthy world environment!

Dear Friends: Encourage all to pause, think, and vote for effective leadership. Diana

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