Like Clay vs. Liston!

Monday, September 21, 2020

I’m running late this morning, having spent a couple hours absorbing headlines and videos from the weekend. In the wake of Judge Ginsburg’s passing is a political dirt-fight beginning, the likes of which I’ve never witnessed. I’m learning from history that such down-dirty fighting isn’t being invented now.

As an observer (and voter!), I take for granted many of today’s social improvements. Many were initiated during the 60s, but only lately have I realized their real beginnings. Following WWII, returning fighters represented many facets of American society in regard to gender, race, and creed. All had returning needs, but by law and tradition social benefits could be (and were) doled-out differently to citizens of various status. President Eisenhower recognized this and became the first modern American leader to address social gaps. He supported equal justice under law.

In his eight years in office Eisenhower appointed five justices to the Supreme Court. His “Warren Court” worked to change the nation’s legal structures. It promoted equality,, restructured voting districts, and decriminalized laws against interracial marriage and conceptrave usage. It initiated lots of other changes, too.

The Warren Court set the groundwork that enabled young attorney, Ruth Ginsburg, to begin her lifelong focus on correcting social rights for all citizens. This beginning to her story essentially came from those social changes begun after the War, initiated by Eisenhower and extended by Johnson. Following early social changes came open opposition. It began in the Nixon era and continued under Reagan. American political social battling since has continued and become ferocious.

Some observers assert that Republicans have learned to fight America’s social battles in ways that win, and that Democrats haven’t figured out how to gain desired wins. This is a question that’s mega-interesting through our current pre-election period. Already, immediately after Ginsburg’s passing, both parties with sleeves rolled-up have dived into hard-battle.

Dear Friends: In our ringside seats, we’re riveted to the breath-taking rounds. Diana

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