A Weighty Matter

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Last year for the first time I saw weighted blankets available in the store where I work. That seemed an odd but appealing notion, being covered by a weighted blanket. Not feeling need, I forgot weighted blankets until this year when again they showed up. Without pausing, I brought home a fifteen-pounder that boxed felt too heavy to bother with right away. Finally this week, I unpacked and tried the blanket.

Right away the extra weight pleased. Without first needing to shift around for a more comfortable position, I slept on my back and awoke feeling good. After that first night, with the blanket more familiar, I seemed rested in the mornings. My Amazon Halo Armband disagrees, reporting only “medium sleep”. Nightly a couple of times, I get up to let the dogs outside, and poor Halo “can’t get” my not sleeping through. I’m enjoying the blanket.

I often make gut decisions about products without first researching. Now tuned, I’m becoming more informed about the benefits of weighted blankets. They may soothe anxiety, ease insomnia, decrease nervous system activity, and reduce heart-rate. In my experience, the extra weight is comfortable and comforting. Sometimes I feel snuggled in a secure little cave, reminding me of the wonderful video, “My Octopus Teacher”, showing octopus slide into a tiny opening to its hidden nest.

Encouraged, I’ve begun exploring weighted vests. Those mostly are designed for working out, but I’m curious about very lightweight vests, and whether wearing one may increase comfort to one on foot. My comparison is a dog product, the snug “Thunder Jacket”, said to help calm an anxious animal.

Dear Friends: Continuing social conflicts urge an ongoing search for comfort. Diana

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